Help Wanted-1881 Courthouse Museum

Contact the 1881 Courthouse Museum at 605-673-2443 for information on joining the Custer County Historical Society. Just a few dollars per year helps support the Museum!

Help Wanted


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The Director will be employed on an annual and part-time basis under the direction of the Custer County Historical Society Board. The Director and the Board are responsible for the overall development, management and oversight of the 1881 Courthouse Museum. This partnership will oversee the following: personnel and volunteers, budget, grant writing, collections, exhibit development, facility maintenance and improvements, fund raising and events, bookstore development and any other activities deemed necessary. The Board may establish Committees as necessary to assist with these endeavors.  

RESPONSIBILITIES:  The Director will be responsible for the following internal operations:

• Assist the Board with development of an annual  budget. 

• Handle museum funds on a daily basis and assure such funds are managed properly by volunteers and others who share in money collection.
• Work with Committees and ensure state and national standards for museum operations are established. 
• The Director shall attend and be an active participant in all committee meetings.

• Prepare a written monthly report for the Board to include committee accomplishments, significant operations for the month, identify special needs/problems, museum & event attendance/results.

• Evaluate museum exhibits and work with exhibit  committee to ensure that exhibits reflect the museum’s mission and relevance to Custer and the Black Hills area.

• Review and take action on correspondence, reports, requests and donations to the museum. Written responses will be sent out to all patrons who donate to the museum.

• Supervise volunteer staff in the absence of the volunteer coordinator. Assist with the annual training of volunteers.
• Ensure that all matters of importance are communicated to volunteers and those associated with the operation of the museum.
Coordinate custodial care, building maintenance and improvements and additions based on recommendation of the Building Committee and approval of the Board.

• Work with the media manager to develop content for Facebook and the museum’e website.

• Manage front desk when needed.

The Director will be responsible for the following external operations:

• Schedule, approve, and coordinate all special tours, educational activities and special requests for use of the facilities.

• Provide news releases and contact information to the media on a proactive basis.

• Coordinate activities with area Chambers of Commerce, Black Hills Badlands & Tourism Assoc., American & State Museum Assoc., Black Hills area special events to promote the museum.

• Establish, review, update and distribute brochures for visitor availability internally and externally.

The Director will be responsible for requests for research and resource information:

• Review and research information requests and refer to Board members or volunteers who have the expertise to respond.

• Director is responsible for preparing and applying for all grants:   That would assist in the maintenance and improvements of the museum buildings, contents, programs and exhibits.

• Pursue special fund raising events, monetary donations, bequests, endowments and any other funding opportunities to benefit the future of the museum.

• Develop programs to engage community youth in the history of this area.

• To oversee the Collections, accession and inventories of donations to the museum.
• The Director will ensure that an accurate and up to date record on all artifacts donated or loaned to the museum will be maintained as established by the practices of the collection committee.


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To apply: print & complete application.
Scan application & resume and email to: 
Sue Knudtson
 -or- Oonagh Wood
If you choose to send by US Mail: 
1881 Courthouse Museum • PO Box 826 • Custer, SD 57730