Youth Activities-1881 Courthouse Museum

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Youth Activities

Youth Activities at the Museum


  Throughout 2018, the 1881 Courthouse Museum
is pleased to continue for the fourth straight year,
the monthly activities for the Custer/Rapid City
YMCA “Kidstop” Program, according to
 Gary Enright,  Museum Director.

These activities include both historical information
programs at the Museum, as well as road trips to
visit various historical sites in the Black Hills.

Thanks to the Oswald Family Foundation, we are
able to fund the costs involved in sponsoring these
activities.  While the programs are usually held on
the first Friday of each month, it is best to contact
the Museum at 605-673-2443 to confirm the date
and time the programs will be held.

While the programs are designed to host the YMCA
“Kidstop” participants, we do provide for attendance
by young people in the community to also participate.

Past Programs

February 2016- Visiting the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs.

January 2015- Jeanine Gould of Pacer Corporation describes variety of minerals in the Black Hills.